CYCLING - Novalja, otok Pag

Most of the cycling trails on the island of Pag have been arranged and their length now totals to 115 km. The Novalja area, with all its surrounding localities of Lun, Metajna, Stara Novalja and Gajac, disposes of six attractive and distinctively marked routes.
The cycling tourist routes on the island of Pag are suitable for all types of bikes, while the trails are intended for bikes with larger tires for the base is macadam or earth often with sharp stones. Single trails need to be crossed on foot carrying a bike on one’s shoulder for cycling can be very demanding there. Each route is singular for its points of interest and most of the trails lead to the most attractive beach in the surroundings of Novalja.  
Trail (1) connects Novalja with the locality of Lun to the northwestern end of the island of Pag and is unique for its olive trees that are more than 1,000 years old.
Caske Trail to Metajne Trail (2) is not attractive at first due to cycling on paved road but the traffic is poor and the facilities along the road are made up of an extraodinary catering offer.
The third trail, Novalja – Stara Novalja (3) is not too demanding and full of facilities for every family. Most deserving for this is Planjka – Trinćel Beach in Stara Novalja, one of the loveliest sandy beaches in the area.
Trail (4) through Novalja Field is also suitable for family excursions. A slow ride along the 7 km network of trodden earthen paths and roads offers the delight of scenty greenery and aromatic plants. Route (5) starts from the locality of Kolan to the seashore and beach in the locality of Mandre. Kolan is well-known for its production of cheese, world known under the name of Pag cheese which can also be bought from some of the producers after having been tasted. Trail (6) connects the locality of Šimuni situated in a naturally protected cove with a marina and the most active campsite on this side of the Adriatic coast.

Points of interest

Antique water system dating from the 1st century  (Talian’s Hole)

Town Museum

Church of the Mother of God from Ružarije

Stomorica archaeological collection

Pag Triangle

In the proximity of Novalja numerous beaches besides the town beach such as Caska, Planjka (Trinćel), and near Old Novalja, Babe, Straško, Kanjon, Braničevica and other beaches. The Straško area has one of the most beautiful campsites on the Adriatic which, together with its entertainment and sports centre, can accommodate more than 8,000 guests. The most famous beach, Zrće, is more than 1,000 m in length with numerous sports facilities on the sea. Zrće is the Croatian centre of club entertainment. The famous Aquarius, Papaya and Calypso clubs host the most famous DJ names of club electronic music.