CYCLING - Velebit

The cycling trails from the town of Senj towards the Velebit lead along the western Velebit flanks overlooking the sea with views of Kvarner Bay and the islands. Trails  (1) and (2) are very steep for the first 8 km, and later, passing onto macadam the climb is very demanding in places for which recreational finess is required. Trail (3) starts at 700 m above sea level and all three trails can be combined so as to make a circular tour and continue towards Oltari Trails (4) and (5). The trail from Oltari and through the forest up to Dulibe and Krasno locality is attractive for it covers all the points of interest of the mountain locality of Krasno with its 450 inhabitants dispersed in 13 hamlets perched at the edges of Krasnarsko Field in the proximity of North Velebit National Park.  
Four circular cycling trails are marked in Krasno and the signs can be seen in segment numbers 4 a, b, c, and d.
The trail from Oltari to Alan (5) initially traced on paved road until the entrance to the national park at Babić Sići, continues further on macadam to reach Zavižan and  Mali Lom where it conncets onto a paved road (ŽC 5126). The trail continues in southern direction and after 3 km at Careva kuća Mounatin Lodge, it turns right onto macadam to continue across Lubenovac, up to Alan where there is a mountain lodge with accommodation. The trail from Alan Mountain Lodge extends to the east overlapping with Trail 4 for 2 km, and continues straight on towards Mrkvište where it joins the paved road and then descends in hairpin bends for 3 km to reach Štirovača Valley.
Trail (6) is traced for pleasant cycling along one of the oldest preserved roads on the Velebit . It was built in 1860 and served for transport of wood from Štirovača to Jablanac. Upon arriving at your destination, a completely different picture of the Velebit is in store, the vast Stirovača Valley with black oak forests across which meander rapid brooks.


Points of interest:

Senj, Fortress Nehaj from the 16th century

Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary dating from the 12th century  

Krasno, church of the Mother of God from Krasno  from the 17th century

The parish church of St. Anthony can be seen in the field and the newly opened forestry museum can be viisted – the only one of its kind in Croatia.

«Krasnarski Park» and Glavaši with planted autochthonous plants, arranged paths and  benches.

Velebit, the highest mountian chain in Croatia, Vaganski vrh peak, 1,757 m

North Velebit National Park, founded in 1999

Zavižan is at 1,676 m above sea level, with a meteorological station and mountain lodge and a nearby botanical garden.

Premužić Trail which starts from Zavižan across the Veliki Alan Saddle and back to Zavižan was built in 1933 according to the project made by Ante Premužić and thus bearing his name.