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Karlobag, Terezijana
A1 – Exit 11, Gospić (to Karlobag)


Karlobag – Ideal Connection of Mountain and Sea

Travelling along the Adriatic coast, south of Senj, one reaches Karlobag.  Under the names as A Roman colony built as an improtant transport port it was called Vagium, Skrisia and Bigi-Bag. The Turks destroyed it completely, burning it down in 1525. Duke Karlo had it rebuilt and thus the city got its name. Karlobag can be reached from Gospić, across Baške Oštarije. Karlobag is an unavoidable tourist destination and an occasion for a break from  a long trip. Due to its Mediterranean climate and the combination of sea and mountain, it is the best occasion for experiencing summer heat and Velebit hinterland freshness, all in one day.

The Velebit Foothill Coast

Sveti Juraj is 9 km south of Senj. Lukovo – Klada – Starigrad are small and quiet fishing and tourist localities. Jablanac  is a ferry landing for the island of Rab. Stinica is today a big tourist village (apartments), and Ribarica and Cesarica with the church of St. Helen from 1745. Lukovo Šugarje with the church of St. Luke from 1733, and Barić Draga with autocamp „Žalo“. Prizna is ja busy ferry landing for the island of Pag and, across Pag Bridge, the connection toward southern Croatia.

Did you know?

The Capuchin monastery in Karlobag with the church of St.Joseph from 1712 has a rich library. Particularly interesting is the picture „The Last Supper of Jesus Christ“  by an unknown author.


To reach Karlobag from the motorway you exit at Gospić, then across the Velebit and Oštarijska vrata (927 m) you descend to the sea.

We Recommend

On the way along the sea from Senj to Karlobag, stop in Jablanac and take a look at Zavratnica, the most beautiful bay on the Adriatic coast.
Miroslav Hirtz Climber's Lodgings is located in Jablanac. Many say that due to its position at 20 meters above sea level, it is the lowest climber's lodgings in the world.
The the instructive trail Terezijana. The trail starts in Baška Oštarija (924 meters above sea level), behind the old school, and it ends above Konjsko village (650 m above sea level).
It covers the 3-kilometer-long part of the old Austro-Hungarian road Terezijana that crossed the Velebit and connected the regimental center of the time, Gospić, with Karlobag port. Terezijana was built in 1786 under the instructions of Emperor Joseph II and named after his mother, Mary Theresa. 

The interesting cultural monuments of Karlobag are the Capuchin monastery with valuable paintings (The Last Supper, author unknown), the parish church of St. Joseph built in 1712 at the time of Leopold I with architectural decorations from the 18th cent., and the church of the mournful Mother of God. On a hill above the locality stand the ruins of a medieval fortification  "Fortica", and the remains of the church of St. Karlo Boromejski built in 1710, of which only the bell tower is left from the II World War, giving the entire place a particular mark. In 2008 a monument to Šime Starčević was unveiled in front of the church. He was the writer of the first Croatian grammar in the Croatian language and a parish priest in Karlobag for almost half a century (1814-1859).

You can take panoramic pictures of the Velebit foothills coast from viewpoint Kubus on Mount Velebit representing the monument to the building of the road Gospić - Karlobag at the time of Emperor Francis Joseph. 


–the International Art Colony is traditinally held every year: July
– Karlobag Carnival: January – February
– fishing geasts: July and August
– concerts and cultural – entertainment evenings in the church of St. Joseph : July – August
– automobile mountain races: June


Sports activities, five-a-side soccer, (Atlantida Diving Club with diving training), basketball, bowling, minigolf, Hotel Zagreb outdoor swimming pool and activities on or under the sea, hiking on the Velebit, paintball in Rizvanuša Recreation Center near Gospić and walking on the trails in the woods.

Useful Information

What to See

Remains of the church of St. Karlo Boromejski built in 1710.

Where to Eat

Tavern Amfora
Augusta Šenoe bb, Karlobag, Tel.+385 (0)53694 379

Restaurant OK
At the end of  Hotel Zagreb beach.
Tel:+385 (0)53 694 18

Where to stay

Accommodation in Karlobag is available in hotels and private apartments.

Hotel Zagreb ***
Karlobag, Naselje Bana J. Jelačića b. b., Tel: +385 (0)53 694 232 (open only for the season)
Hotel Velinac (Youth hotel)
Karlobag, Trg dr. Franje Tuđmana 1, Tel: 098 470 569

Hotel Velebno
Baške Oštarije b.b., Brušane
tel: +385 (0)53 674 005

MADI Tours Tourist Agency
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