Long distance hiking Via Dinarica Trails

The Via Dinarica initiative aims to establish three trails / tourist routes along the Dinaric Alps: White Trail– long distance hiking trail that follows the highest mountains in the Central Dinaric range; Green Trail - hiking, rambling and biking route along the lower Dinaric Alps; Blue Trail – hiking, rambling, sea kayaking, and mountain biking trail along the Adriatic coast and islands. The idea of the Via Dinarica is to connect most of the natural and cultural heritage attractions and the mountain communities around them across the entire region. This is a major and complex endeavor which requires time for planning and infrastructure development. As many of the areas within the Dinaric Alps are popular hiking or tourist destinations some trail infrastructure already exists, particularly in Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro. However, in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Albania the trails are being marked in recent years with the support of international development agencies.

The map