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Fortress Nehaj, Summer Carnival
A1 – Exit 9, Žuta Lokva


The Oldest City of the Croatian Littoral
The city of Senj known for its tempestous and rich history, was founded more than 3000 years ago. Fortress Nehaj that dominates the city under the Velebit was built in the 16th cent.  for the defense from foreign conquerors such as Turks and Venetians. In the fortress there is a museum collection of objects of the Senj uskoks and the Senj Port Authority and the permanent exhibition of Senj named Churches Through History and Senj City and Noblemen’s Coats of Arms. There is a restaurant on the ground floor.

enj City and Noblemen’s Coats of Arms. There is a restaurant on the ground floor. In the old city nucleus with its various shops, narrow streets, strongholds, and sacral objects you can observe the singular diversity of this city connected by sea with other Mediterranean cities, while by road with the hinterland over Vratnik Pass (700 m).

Did you know?

In 1248 the Senj bishop became the only bishop in the Catholic world that could use the Glagolithic script and the national language in liturgy by permission from Pope Innocent IV. This encouraged the development of the script during the 14th and 15th centuries mentioned in many preserved Glagolithic inscriptions and handwritten books and documents.


To reach Senj descend from the motorway A1 at Žuta Lokva, Exit 9.   

We Recommend

– besides Fortress Nehaj in Senj, visit the City Museum located in the palace of the Vukasović Family and the permanent exhibition of sacral art that is open to visitors from July 15 to September 1
–church of St. Mary, votive church of Senj sailors and fishermen  
– remains of the Senj Plaque, around the year 1100, written in Glagolithic
– monumental Cilnica Square
– the great gate, the end of Josephine’s road and the entrance into the city
– Uskočka Street, magnificent and intact example or medieval architecture
– Sundial built on the Adriatic Highway in the northern part of the city, at the 45th parallel

Senj Surroundings

Zavratnica is a natural karst phenomenon at the foot of the Velebit. It is located at 2.5 km south of Jablanac, the ferry landing for the island of Rab. The gorge is about 1000 m long and from 50 to 150 m wide. Remains from prehistoric localities were found on Krasnica hill standing over the bay.
A particular point of interest for divers is the sunken German ship from the Second World War at a depth of 8 to 10 m. Zavratnica can be reached by boat or foot trail from Jablanac.


– Cycling Competion Sveti Juraj – Zavižan, Oltari – Zavižan:     June 21st
– Manifestation „Days of the Uskok“, reconstruction of the events and customs from the time when Fortress Nehaj was built : July 11 – 13
– International Senj Summer Carnival: beginning of August
– Senj Musical Summer: August

Useful Infromation

What to See

A hiking trail to Zavratnica starts right under the kiosk selling ferry tickets. The bay is 900 m long and from 50 to 150 m wide. The canyon rises up to 100 meters. Thanks to its natural values it was pronounced “protected landscape” back in 1964 and from 1981 a part of Velebit Nature Park.

Where to Eat

In Senj you can eat at the restaurants Košara or Krešimir on the seashore or try an excellent grill and lamb at Putnik Tavern on Vratnik or Lovro taverns left from the gas station at the city entrace . There are a few excellent taverns so visit Lavlji dvor Tavern at street P. Preradović n.2 or Nehaj Tavern in Fortress Nehaj.

Where to Stay

You can ask accommodation at Hotel Libra, a newly opened, renewed hotel located on the waterfront, Garni Hotel „Art“, Obala kralja Zvonimira 4, 100 m from the city center or somewhat further towards  Jablanac at Hotel Ablana, at Obala bana Šubašića 1.

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