NP NorthVelebit National Park,
Velebit Nature Park
A1 –Exit 9, Žuta Lokva

The World of Silence and Freshness

In 1978 the Velebit was inserted in the World Network od Biosphere Reserves („Man and the Biosphere Program “ (UNESCO). Within the nature park there are a number of protected localities: 2 national parks (North Velebit, Paklenica), strict and special reserves (Hajdučki and Rožanski kukovi, Zavižan with Visibaba Botanical Gardens, Štirovača Valley) and about 150 caves of which the most important cave structures are  Cerovačke Caves and  Lukina Cave. In the past, this area was settled by a greater number of people that left their traces in the numerous ruins of stables, sacral buildings and cultural monuments. Today they are witness of times gone by, customs and culture of the inhabitants of this mysterious mount.

Paklenica National Park extends onto the southern slopes of the Velebit Massif, and the most attractive features are the monumental canyon of Velika and Mala Paklenica,  whose vertical cliffs over 400 m high have made Paklenica a world-known rock-climbing center.

Premužićev Trail is a hiking trail that leads along the Velebit across the craggy ground of the North and Mid Velebit. The beginning of the trail is at Zavižan Climber’s Lodgings  and then across  Veliki Alan Pass and onto Oštarijska vrata. It was built from 1930 to 1933. The designer and construction organizer was the forest engineer Ante Premužić (1889 – 1979).


Sjeverni Velebit National Park  can be reached from the motorway, exit for Otočac towards Krasno locality. At Oltari village there is a roadsign for Zavižan (entrance into Babić-Siča where tickets can be bought for the North Velebit National Park tour). It can also be reached from Sv. Juraj near Senja and across Oltari (950 m).

Tour Plan

The national park can be reached from the continent , directions Mrkvište, Ledena Draga, Begovača and Štirovača, or from the southwest hiking trails, and from directions Brisnica and Gornje Klade on the coast, while on the northeastern side from Krasno.

From Krasno locality take the road towards Oltari and after about 10 km you will see a roadsign marking a turn towards North Velebit National Park. The road is partly asphalted (about 9 km) and climbs to the top to Zavižan Climber’s Lodgings (1676 m).

A circular tour of Veliki Zavižan starts by descending into the botanical gardens and then across  Balinovac and Velika kosa and back to Zavižan Climber’s Lodgings for which you need about 1 hour.  The view from the top extends towards the sea and the islands of Krk, Prvić, Goli otok, Sveti Grgur and Rab, while in the distance onto the islands of Cres and Lošinj with noticeable Osorčica. The Velebit peaks Veliki and Mali Pivčevac and on the other side  Balinovac and Vučjak can be seen from the climber's lodgings and somewhat further on Mali Rajinac (1699 m) and further Rožanski kukovi also.
You can start your Velebit walk from Premužićev Trail, from its beginning at 2kn from the botanical gardens, and up to Rossieva koliba refuge (about 2 hours).


– instructive, cycling and hiking trails, alpinism, caving, bird-watching
– walking along Premuztićev Trail suitable for all ages
– photo safari of mountain endemic flowers and wild animals
– horseback riding in North Velebit National Park
– cycling „Climb onto Zavižan “ – June

We Recommend

– to visit of the botanical gardens on Zavižan
– Zavižan Climber's Lodgings (1600 m above sea level) – visit of the meteorological station and viewpoint from which a fourth of all the Croatian islands can be seen –Krasno village – a visit of the cheese dairy „Runolist“, possibility of  buying homemade cheese 


„Antonja u Krasnu”  the celebration of the feast of St. Anthony, the patron saint of the parish of  Krasno. On June 14th-15th numerous events take place and also the Fair of Traditional Products that represents products from traditional local crafts as well as culinary specialties of the region and its surroundings.
In the church the Mother of God from Krasno that is located above the locality, the inhabitants of the coast and Lika have been gathering from ancient times on the 15th of August to listen to the church choir in honor of  the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.
In Kuterevo you can see first class wooden vessels for cooking, longlasting wooden tools and the unbreakable chairs from Kuterevo made by the hard-working  people of the region and their industrious hands.

Useful information

What to see

In North Velebit National Park– Rožanski and Hajdučki kukovi where Lukine Caves are located - 1392 m deep, Slovačke Caves – 1320 m, and in Paklenica National Park Cerovačke Caves. There are also smaller caves and pits, as well as many important geomorphological (Kiza, Tulove grede, kuk Stapina itd.) and hydrological constructions (source and flow of the Zrmanja). The National park Administration is to be notified for any visits to the caves.

Where to Eat

Tavern „Jure“, Krasno, Tel.: 053 851 100
Bistro Manjan, Krasno 109, Krasno Polje, Tel.: +385 (0)53 851 014

Where to Stay

Accommodation  in climber's lodgings
PD „Zavižan“
Contact person – superintendent Ante Vukušić
Tel.: 053/614-209, public telephone booth 053/614-210
PD Alan
Contact person – HPS 01/48-24-142

Accommodation in Krasno

Mother of God from Krasno Shrine
Krasno b.b. Tel.: 053 851 007

Croatian Forests – Accommodation Building
Šumarija Krasno, Tel./Fax: 053 746-550

Tavern „Jure“, Krasno, Tel.: 053 851 100
Accommodation Tomaić, Tel.: 098 450 559
Krasna House, tel.: 053/572-335, 053/672-131

Velebit Nature Park Public Institution
Kaniža gospićka 4b, 53 000 Gospić
tel.:  +385 (0)53 560 450
faks: +385 (0)53 560 451
mob.: +385 (0)98 245 995

North Velebit National Park Public Institution
Krasno b.b., 53274 Krasno
tel./faks: +385 (0)53 665- 380, 665-390

Paklenica National Park Public Institution     
Dr. F. TuÄ‘mana 14a, HR – 23244 Starigrad-Paklenica
Tel.:  00385 / 23 / 369-155, 369-202, 369 -803 (entrance at park reception)

Kuterevo Velebit Refuge for Young Bears
Velebit Association Kuterevo (VUK)
 tel.: +385 (0)53 799 222
mob.: +385 (0)91 5835 412 Ivan Pavenka Crnković
53225 Kuterevo Pod crikvom 103